Your Savings Calculator

With more than 1,600 great offers at your fingertips, AGL Rewards has the power to make energy that little bit more rewarding.

Share an estimate of your expenses and see how much you could save with AGL Rewards.

Everyday Expenses* Monthly Spend Monthly Savings Yearly Savings
Groceries $ $
Fuel $ $
Dining Out $ $
Movie Tickets $ $
Beer, Wine and Spirits $ $
Clothes and Accessories $ $
Homewares and Electronics $ $
Health and Beauty $ $
Magazines $ $
Gifts and Presents $ $
Annual Expenses* Annual Spend Yearly Savings
Accommodation $
Flights $
Attractions $
Car Hire $
Car Servicing $
*The numbers shown are estimates of potential savings per month and/or per year with AGL Rewards based upon the nominated spend for each category. Actual savings will depend upon individual circumstances, including actual spend and usage of AGL Rewards benefits. The discounts for each category vary. 1% credit card fee may apply to some credit card transactions. Physical cards and tickets will incur a delivery fee. AGL Rewards benefits are accessed via a variety of methods including discounted gift cards and vouchers, show and save and promotion codes